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Welcome to Reliable Residential Roofing, the go-to destination for comprehensive roofing solutions. We specialize in expert residential roofing services protecting your home against New England’s diverse weather conditions. Our focus is on using quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional customer communication and service.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your roof.    

  • Our #1 Priority is Your Home’s Protection and Beauty
  • Excellent trusted Customer Communication and service – Dedicated personal to assist with all your needs
  • Expert Craftsmanship – Seasoned professional to complete your project
  • Quality materials – All materials we recommend are high quality materials
  • Warranties: The Highest Warranties offered in the industry depending on materials selected  Workmanship and Materials Warranties – peace of mind with our extensive warranty coverage for materials and labor
  • Free Roofing inspections – Our free complimentary roof inspection help identify and address all issues early on to prevent extensive damage



Reliable Residential Roofing -What is important to us:

Your Safety and Our employees safety too!! – Safety is one of our biggest concerns, you and your family and pets are important to us and our employees also!

Integrity-Honesty and integrity are important to us – we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Communication– Communication with our clients is essential and service to our clients is an upper most priority.

Customer Service– We strive to deliver a customer experience that is seamless and hassle free. 

Excellent Craftsmanship – We always strive for exceptional workmanship in all that we do

Keep it simple with a smile: Teamwork and professional presentation and job completion

Our Employees

Our seasoned professionals are well trained and have great work ethic and strive to make all our customers satisfied and happy

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Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements and it deserves the best care and attention.  At Reliable Residential Roofing we are committed to providing high quality durable roofing solutions that not only protect your home but also enhance its curb appeal.  Whether you need a new roof or repairs to an existing one, our expert team is here to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.